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Lake Naivasha

It is a fresh water lake, fringed by thick paprus. The lake is surrounded by forest of yellow barked acacia xanthophlea,there for it is home of bird, no predictors at the lake. Animals that can be found are buffalos, hippos along the shores, colobus monkey can be spotted as they wander around the acacia among other animals. We have activities at the lake like boat safaris, photography, make walk at the crescent island, you will have the opportunity to take photos of animals that walk freely here.

Full Day Mt.Longonot Hiking & Lake Naivasha Adventure



The mountain is a strato-volcanoes. It is located in great rift-valley Nakuru county.The mountain has small trees that covers the crater floor and small steams vents that are spaced around the crater wall. Longonot can be the best for hiker looking to face bigger mountains like Mt.Kenya or Mt.Kilimanjaro.

Full Day Mt.Longonot Hiking & Lake Naivasha Adventure


Lake Nakuru

The park is high saline ,so it is surrounded by grassland that is high adaptable alkaline grass. The park is ideal for birdwatching, hiking picnic, this is sanctuary that host white rhinos. When at this park you will encounter birds such as great and lesser flamingoes and other terrestrial birds up to 450 species in total, other common animals are jackals and hyenas among others. It’s unique vegetation that has wide variety of beautiful from grassland to dense forest and very rare tarconathus bushland and europhorbia forest,acacia woodland where pythons snakes inhabits,they can sometimes be seen crossing or dangling from trees.The park also has a waterfall known as Makalia falls.

Lake Nakuru


Hells Gate National park

It is volcanic landscape. This park is complete with towering cliff,gorges, rock towers,hot geysers and volcanoes. This park is ideal venue for weekend retreat far from urban life. More than 100 species of birds have been recorded here, home to the rare Verreaux eagles and vultures. Animals such as moongose, hyena, zebras, baboons, impala, porcupine, jackals etc. Activities at the park are rock climbing, cycling, walking, driving, biking, hiking, game viewing, birdlife and horse riding which can be arranged in advance.

Hells Gate Walking Tour | Naivasha


Kenya Tea Farm-Kiambethu

This is a farm in Limuru, that provide tranquil insight into life on a settlers farm. While at the farm you experience delicious meals, visit indigenous forest, learn of growing and making tea by the host. The tea estate was built in 1900s by two English families Mitchell and McDonnel. The garden is home of Colobus monkey.

Kenya Tea Farm Tour (Kiambethu Tea Farm)


Nairobi National park

It is characterized by grassland, rocky valley, forest and the wetland. This is Kenya’s oldest park It is the only park in the world situated amidst a capital city, about 7 kms from the central district business, this is a safari with sky scrappers. The park is home of the black rhinos, the best place to seen the endangered animals. Some of the animals you can encounter are the cheetah, warthog, wild beest lion, Leopard, zebras, hyena, giraffe, buffalos no elephants in the park. 400 species has been recorded at the park eg Kingfisher. Wilson Airport which serve domestic flight is few minutes from the park.

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Giraffe centre

The centre was set as breeding centre for the endangered Rothschild giraffe.while at giraffee you get opportunity to hand feed or kiss the giraffee from a raised observation platform.The centre is surrounded by forest ,you can have nature walk and have bird watching at Gogo river sanctuary,animals that can be spot are giraffe,warthog snuffling about in the mud,bushbucks,monkey,hyenas among others.

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Karen Blixen museum

This was built in 1912 by Swedish engineer Ake sjoigren,the bought by Karen Blixen and the husband in was turned to farm became a museum ,when Danish government donated the house to Kenya,during indepedence to preserve the way Karen Blixen lived in it.While at the museum you will see all the equipments that was used on the farm.

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